Three ways of Spotting Bed Bugs in Your Nashville Home

August 14, 2020

Nashville is one of the most storied cities in the southeast. The home of country music, countless beautiful college campuses, and top-tier nightlife, Nashville attracts tourists from all over the country and even the world. Unfortunately, however, tourists aren’t the only travelers who flock to the area. If you knew how talented bed bugs were at traveling into your home, and how difficult they were to get rid of, you might consider a different prevention strategy for your Nashville home.

abed bug and larva on a bed

Recognize the Signs

Have you ever seen a bed bug? Do you know how big they are? And there’s another question. What do bed bugs feed on? The answer is you. While disturbing, bed bugs’ affinity for feeding on human blood is one of the ways you can identify them. They’re only 5mm long, and, until they’re full from their last meal, they’re very slender and almost translucent. But you might be able to see them after they have fed as they’ll be a little larger and much darker in color.
Other ways to recognize bed bug activity in your home include…

  • Bloodstains on the bed sheets: the bed bug feeding process will leave small bloodstains in the areas of feeding.

  • Bite marks: After feeding, bed bugs will leave small red bumps on your skin. These bite marks are typically in straight lines or zig-zagged patters.

  • Excrement: Along with bloodstains, bed bugs will leave their excrement and droppings in the seams of mattresses or boxsprings. These are usually dark/rusty in color.

Understanding how to recognize the signs of bed bug activity in your home is essential when you realize the health risks that bed bugs bring along with them. Some people think these pests are a simple nuisance. However, bed bugs leave you at risk for severe skin irritations and insomnia that may last even after the infestation is eradicated.

Bed Bug Prevention

You might be surprised to know how easily bed bugs can enter a home and how difficult they are to get rid of. You see, bed bugs are frustrating because of how talented they are at traveling from place to place, and also how talented they are at staying put. These small pests will cling on to nearly anything that will lead them to their next meal. That includes:

  • You,

  • Your clothes,

  • Your luggage,

  • And used furniture of any kind.

With their ability to cling on to objects, bed bugs travel all over the world. You can even pick up bed bugs at busy travel hubs like bus stops, train stations, and airport terminals (really anywhere that luggage is in close proximity to other luggage).
Another place you might be able to unknowingly pick up bed bugs is in a hotel room. If bed bugs get into your suitcase before you realize that you need to request a change of sheets (or another room), then you might just bring them home with you.
In order to ensure that you’re not bringing bed bugs into your home, check all luggage after a trip. Be especially careful when bringing used furniture into your home. Buying and selling used furniture might be all the rage now, but bringing in a couch full of bed bugs is not.

Professional Guarantee

Getting rid of bed bugs is just as complicated as keeping them out. Home remedies include vacuums and sprays, but these rarely do anything but get the top layer of bed bugs. There are typically thousands more, including the eggs, lying in the depths of mattresses and couches.

If you want to get guaranteed protection and make sure that nothing precludes you from a good night’s sleep, then trust the professionals at ThermalRid Pest Control. Our knowledgeable and friendly pest technicians can eradicate bed bugs more effectively than any home remedy ever will. Reach out to ThermalRid Pest Control today and get started on being bed bug-free once again.

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