The Worst Advice You Can Get About Bed Bugs In Your Nashville Home

April 15, 2020

When bed bugs get into your Nashville home, you can get some pretty bad advice—not just from friends and family, but from pest control companies as well. Bed bugs are tricky bugs to get rid of, and even licensed pest professionals can guide you toward a solution that really isn't a solution. This will have you throwing good money after bad, as you continue to be tormented by these blood-eating insects. Let's take a look at some of the advice you'll get, and find out why things don't always work as advertised.

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You Need An Insecticide Treatment

Bed bugs are insects. So it stands to reason that an insecticide treatment will work to get rid of them. But insecticide treatments have some drawbacks when it comes to exterminating bed bugs.

  • Topical spray treatments don't get deep enough to kill bed bugs where they hide. They can be inside your mattress, box spring, furniture, and electronics, underneath rugs, behind crown molding, and even inside your walls.

  • Residual treatments sound like a good idea because they remain on surfaces that bed bugs will crawl over. The problem is that bed bugs can develop a resistance to chemicals as they pass through their five instars and grow new skins.

  • Some insecticides do not address bed bug eggs. If your pest control provider manages to kill the immature nymphs and adult bed bugs in your home, the eggs can still hatch and your infestation will continue.

  • Bed bugs have defensive behaviors that allow them to avoid areas that are a threat. An example of this is how bed bugs do not come out all at once to feed. A few come out at a time. The rest wait for their turn. If the few that went out don't come back, it seems to trigger an alarm for the others. This can lead to many defensive behaviors.

You Need Steam Treatments

If you don't care for chemicals, or you are aware that chemicals aren't effective for arresting bed bugs infestations, you may be tempted to go with a company that does steam treatments. We can understand why this might be appealing. Heat is all-natural, and it can kill bed bugs in all stages of development. But, bed bugs can move quickly to get away from hot steam, and a steam treatment can drive bed bugs to go into cracks and crevices that shield them from the heat. They may also go into the walls where steam won't reach them. After your treatment, bed bugs can reappear as if by magic.

You Need To Throw Your Bed Out

This is perhaps the worst advice you can get. If a company tells you to throw away a bed, or other furniture, you should definitely choose another. Throwing furniture out won't solve a bed bug problem if they are also in your walls, under your rug, inside electronic devices, or in the cracks of a piece of luggage. Do you see the problem? You could throw away everything and still have bed bugs.

Good Advice

If you find bed bugs in your Nashville home, the best solution is to contact ThermalRid. We specialize in bed bug extermination and we are Nashville's premier bed bug elimination company. You can count on our team of bed bug experts to get the job done right, and fully eradicate those bed bugs. We use a heat treatment process that will treat your entire home and get into every nook and cranny. There is no place bed bugs can hide. Our technicians will even enter the structure in the middle of the treatment to adjust items to remove any cold spots bed bugs might find and use as a way to survive the treatment. Our treatment strategies are proven to be effective. When you want results, ThermalRid is the right choice in Nashville.

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