Thankful For Bed Bug Prevention Tips

November 15, 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching. As our to-do lists begin to fill up, we’re reminded of all that we have to be thankful for. Although bed bug prevention tips may seem an odd thing to add to that list, in reality, they are something to be very thankful for. By knowing the signs of a bed bug infestation and understanding how to avoid one, you can spend this holiday season in Nashville. TN being thankful you don’t have bed bugs in your house.

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Why the Holidays are a Busy Season for Bed Bugs

The holiday season isn’t only a busy time of year for people, it’s also a busy time of year for bed bugs. Bed bugs move from place to place by traveling on clothing and bags, so when travel picks up as people visit family and friends, bed bug activity picks up too. That’s why it’s important to be extra vigilant during this time of year if you plan to travel or have people visiting your home.


Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

If you’re planning to travel this season, taking a few precautions can go a long way in protecting you from bringing bed bugs to your Nashville home. Whether you’re staying in a hotel or someone’s home, do the following:

  • Leave your luggage outside until you’ve had a chance to look over your room for signs of bed bugs. 

  • Check the bed first. Look at the sheets for tiny red or brown stains. 

  • Lift the fitted sheet off the bed and check the mattress itself for bed bugs, bug casings, eggs, and excrement. While these can be anywhere, they often appear in the crevices and along the seams of a mattress.

  • Look between the mattress and headboard, as well as between the mattress and boxspring for any signs of bed bugs, bug casings, eggs, or excrement. 

  • Check other areas of the room, including behind hanging picture frames, on upholstered furniture, in cracks in the floor, and along the edges of walls.

  • Upon returning home, check through your bags carefully before bringing them inside.

  • Wash all clothing on a hot water cycle before returning them to your drawers or closets.


Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs When Entertaining Visitors

If you’re having guests for the holidays, you’ll want to make sure they don’t bring bed bugs into your home. Unfortunately, there’s no easy or socially acceptable way to do this prior to their arrival, so it’s important that you do some careful checking in the days and weeks after they return home.

  • Carefully inspect the rooms in which your guests stayed.

  • Check the sheets for very small red or brown stains.

  • Look at the mattress itself for any signs of bed bugs, bed bug casings, eggs, or excrement. 

  • Check between the mattress and the headboard and the mattress and the box spring, as bed bugs often hide there.

  • Look behind picture frames, in cracks in the flooring, along the seams of upholstered furniture, and along the edges of the walls. 

  • Wash and dry all bedding on a high-heat setting.


What to Do if You Find Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

If you find signs of a bed bug infestation, it’s important to understand that they won’t go away on their own and that DIY treatments are rarely, if ever, successful. Instead, contact ThermalRid. We specialize in bed bug treatments, using state-of-the-art methods and equipment to rid your home of bed bugs. Our heat treatments are eco-friendly, safe for your family, will eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development, and take just one day.

If bed bugs have invaded, don’t delay! Contact ThermalRid and we’ll take care of your bed bug problem entirely.

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