Are The Bed Bugs In Nashville Dangerous?

March 15, 2021

Nashville is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the southeastern region of the U.S. which can make it both an enjoyable and a frustrating place to live. Unfortunately, all of the tourists that help our local economy actually put Nashville residents at a higher risk of incurring bed bug infestations. This may seem like an odd correlation, but it’s the scary truth. Once you learn how these bugs enter houses, you might be able to avoid an infestation. And if you do incur an infestation, the health threats can be very real. 

bed bug control in effect in nashville homes

Hitchhiking Parasites

Bed bugs are very small in size, only about five millimeters around. Because their legs are tiny in relation to their disc-shaped bodies, they don’t move very quickly, but they still travel the world. Many people think that they only invade dirty homes, but bed bugs are drawn to human blood, not dirty places. By clinging tightly to various items like luggage and secondhand furniture, bed bugs will hitchhike their way into a house on anything being brought inside. If it is your house, once you’re asleep, they’ll crawl out to feed on your blood. 
That’s why it’s essential to check your luggage after visiting any sort of travel hub like an airport terminal or bus station. Plus, any of your out-of-town guests that might be visiting to see the beloved Nashville tourist attractions should do the same. Leaving a bag on the floor or near other bags at the airport or bus station is a quick way to pick up bed bugs. 
When you’re buying secondhand furniture, be sure that it’s bed bug-free before bringing it into your house. Bed bugs will cling to all sorts of furniture, including office chairs, refrigerators, coffee makers, etc. You might be excited for a great deal on a new couch or fridge, but not checking these items for bed bug activity could lead to a frustrating, and sometimes hazardous, infestation.

Spotting An Infestation Early

While bed bugs have never been linked to disease transmission, a prolonged bed bug infestation can lead to some dangerous health effects. First of all, bed bugs will leave itchy red bumps on their victims, which could lead to excessive itching. That’s why a multitude of bed bug bites can turn into permanent skin damage. In some cases, prolonged infestations can lead to insomnia and anemia as well, conditions that can remain even after bed bugs have been eradicated. 
Since the long-term health issues can be problematic, it’s important for you to notice the signs of an infestation early. Waking up to itchy, red bumps on your skin is a great indication, along with noticing small blood stains on sheets and rust-colored rings from their excrement. Large bed bug infestations will create a musty odor in your home. 
If you do notice the signs of a bed bug infestation, don’t make the mistake that so many other homeowners make by trying to get rid of bed bugs themselves. Store-bought sprays and vacuuming only kill the bed bugs on the surface while there could be dozens more and their eggs deep within cushions and in other areas. 
Instead of wasting your time and money, increasing your chances of health risks, get professional help that will eradicate bed bugs. Contact ThermalRid at the first sign of bed bug problems before allowing health hazards to set in. We can help.

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