Are Bed Bugs In Nashville Dangerous To Pets?

May 14, 2021

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are wingless parasitic insects that feed on warm-blooded mammals such as humans and pets. The adults typically measure close to ¼ of an inch and have a reddish-colored oval body with six legs. Young bed bugs (nymphs) are slightly smaller and generally have a yellowish appearance until they begin consuming blood. 

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Are Bed Bugs In Nashville Dangerous To Pets?

Bed bugs use their mouth to pierce the skin of their host and ingest a blood meal. They commonly feed on humans while they are asleep, and then retreat to hiding places such as below mattresses, baseboard openings, or in drapes or curtains.  Although they prefer human hosts, bed bugs will feed on pets when necessary. 

How Do Bed Bugs Enter A Home?

A misconception exists that bed bugs are attracted to filthy or messy homes. However, the truth is that these pests prefer to remain close to hosts. Bed bugs are transient insects that usually are brought into a home by a resident within their clothing, bags, or other belongings. Aside from homes, they are prevalent in hotels, dormitories, nursing homes, and in public transportation hubs such as airports. 

Bed Bugs And Pets

Similar to fleas and ticks, bed bugs will navigate through the fur of a dog or cat to reach the skin. Some of the most likely areas where pets are bitten include ears, belly, and other areas with less fur. Pets may recognize the presence of the bugs as they move and scratch or bite them. After feeding on a pet, bed bugs often will hide in their beds, on stuffed toys, or within carpeting. 

Signs That Your Pet Is Being Bitten 

Pets that encounter bed bugs may scratch, lick, or bite at the area resulting from discomfort and irritation and worsen the wound. In severe cases, gently clean and apply an antiseptic to the skin. Bed bugs tend to leave behind a trail of blood, feces and molted skin. Fortunately, these pests are unlikely to transmit any diseases. 

Treating Pet Bedding And Clothing

  • Machine wash pet beds, clothing, or other fabric items in hot water, and dry using a high-heat setting.

  • Consider promptly disposing of perforated items in a sealed bag.

  • Keep these items away from other clothing, bedding, and carpeting to prevent bugs from spreading. 

How To Respond To A Suspected Bed Bug Problem

Many homeowners underestimate the resilience of bed bugs and attempt to eliminate these troublesome pests on their own. Some people make the mistake of relying on store-bought products including traps, aerosol sprays, foggers, and others that are marketed as being highly effective.  In reality, these products are often inadequate and fail to completely expel these pests. Those who suspect a problem with bed bugs should contact a licensed local professional.   

Leading Provider of Bed Bug Extermination Services in Nashville

If your home has been infiltrated by bed bugs, it is best to contact a professional organization that exclusively focuses on removing this type of pest. The seasoned team of specialists at ThermalRid has delivered efficient results for Nashville property owners that are plagued by the existence of bed bugs. We also protect your privacy by operating discreetly as we rid the premises of these unwanted critters. 
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