A Cheaper Way To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Nashville Home

June 16, 2020

Getting out of bed in the morning isn’t always easy. However, if you start waking up with bug bites, you’ll never want to crawl in bed again.

a bed bug crawling on linens

Bed bugs can take a serious toll on your sleep quality and mental health, not to mention how itchy and annoying their bites can be. These pests seem to pop up everywhere in Nashville, and as a result, homeowners spend hundreds of dollars trying, and failing, to get rid of these insects. If this sounds like you, don’t worry – residents across Central Tennessee have a much cheaper option.

Bed Bug Identification Guide

Before we talk about how you can get rid of bed bugs cheaply and securely, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same pests. Bed bugs are tiny, even for insects. Growing to 1/4 inch at most, bed bugs can fit themselves in the tiniest of cracks, making them excruciatingly hard to detect. You are much more likely to see their aftermath – small, raised welts where they bite on your arms and legs.
If you do spot a bed bug, they have reddish-brown bodies that are shaped like apple seeds. Other signs of an infestation include small, 1mm sized eggs, and bloodstains on your sheets.

Why DIY Methods Don’t Work For Bed Bugs

When homeowners realize they have these blood-sucking pests in their home, they often resort to do-it-yourself methods of extermination. People do this because they think it will save them time and money, compared to the stress of hiring an extermination team to get the job done. Little do they realize, they’re only wasting money on fake solutions, resulting in lost time and greater frustration.

Nashville homeowners often try the following, to no avail:

  • Baking Soda: (Under $5) Sprinkle daily around furniture and vacuum. Baking soda reportedly dehydrates bed bugs, but this simply isn’t true; besides, bed bugs can nest all over your house and climb to your bed without ever touching the baking soda.

  • Talcum Powder: (Under $5) Sprinkle daily and vacuum. This is a similar myth to baking soda, and like baking soda, it doesn’t work. Talcum powder neither dries out bed bugs nor does it deter them.

  • Mothballs: ($5-$10) Place beneath the furniture. The idea is that the smell of mothballs will deter bed bugs, but this is a complete myth. The smell is much more likely to bother you, your family, and any guests.

  • Tea Tree Oil: ($10-$20) Dilute in water and spray. Tea tree oil is said to kill bed bugs. While this is true in a sense, you would need to use an undiluted form which would be incredibly expensive and would only work if it was sprayed directly on each bed bug. Moreover, undiluted tea tree oil can be dangerous to humans, so keeping this is ill-advised.

  • Ultrasonic Waves: ($50-$200) The idea behind this expensive treatment is that bugs don’t like ultrasonic sound, so this will naturally clear them out. Entomologists agree that insects, including bed bugs, aren’t affected by ultrasonic waves whatsoever.

The Best Bed Bug Extermination Plan

If these DIY options don’t work, what will? The best plan of action is to schedule a visit with ThermalRid. We work to get rid of your bed bug problem using the power of heat.
Here’s how it works: bed bugs can only withstand a temperature of about 120°F. After you remove anything that is flammable or can melt, we enter your home and ramp up the temperature to 135°F using our industrial fans and heaters. While bed bugs can evade sprays and other treatments, heat pervades even the tiniest cracks, so wherever the bed bugs are hiding, they won’t survive for long.
As bed bug experts, we can confirm that a heat treatment is the only effective solution for bed bug elimination. Our company is dedicated solely to removing these pervasive pests, which unfortunately, crawl into everyone’s bed at some point or another. Rather than waste money on DIY products that simply don’t treat the entire bed bug population, a heat treatment is your best bet both for your financial well being and your sanity.
If you’re waking up to itchy bites on exposed skin, don’t take matters into your own hands. Contact ThermalRid’s pest experts today, and our heat treatments will bring back the safety of your bed.

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