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Bed Bugs: The Biggest Pest Problem Of Our Generation

Bed bugs have been called the biggest pest problem of our generation. Pesticide treatments are dangerous and do not work well. So, what do you do when bed bugs invade your home or business?  Regardless of what anyone says about safety of “natural chemicals,” if you have to spray or lay dust designed to kill anything, it cannot be good for you or your pets to sleep on or near it.  

Repeated use of chemicals will force bed bugs away from your bed and into hiding.  Since bed bugs can survive for over one year without a meal, this allows them time to reproduce and become harder to capture and kill.

Heat has been the best treatment option for killing bed bugs. Heat can seep into every nook and crevice, it can bake into your walls and best of all, bugs are naturally drawn toward it like lemmings.

It’s time to turn up the heat on bed bugs and take care of them once and for all.

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The ThermalRid heat treatment method is guaranteed to draw bed bugs out of their hiding places and kill all the adults, nymphs, and eggs. The ThermalRid method completely avoids the serious health risks associated with the use of chemicals, which is why many of our customers choose ThermalRid to handle their bed bug exterminating.

Compare ThermalRid’s method of exterminating bed bugs to the traditional use of pesticides and chemicals:

  • ThermalRid Method
  • 100% effective kill rate.
  • No odors.
  • No chemical residual.
  • Save your furniture, bed and belongings.
  • Treatment done in one day while you’re at work.
  • Results guaranteed.
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  • Pesticides & Chemicals
  • Limited effectiveness, problem likely gets worse
  • Strong, harsh, chemical odors
  • Residual risks to your family and pets.
  • Bed, carpet, and your belongings are trashed.
  • Technicians in every week, for 6-8 weeks.
  • Not likely!
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One Day, Complete Eradication, Guaranteed!

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our ThermalRid method, we offer a 90-day, 100% guarantee that we kill all the bed bugs, their larvae and eggs in a single treatment. Our treatment is completed in 1 day and your rooms can be safely re-occupied.

You and your guests can sleep peacefully knowing your bed bug worries are over — you will not be bitten by bed bugs again!

Learn more about exterminating and killing bed bugs using the ThermalRid method:

Key Findings on Bed Bug Behavior at Lethal and Sub-Lethal Temperatures
Bed Bugs Heat and Rooms

90 Day Bed Bug Warranty

THERMALRID will at no expense to the CUSTOMER retreat any previously treated areas/units that meet the following:

  • A standalone structure where THERMALRID has been contracted and treated the entire structure and full payment received.
  • For multi-unit structures, the CUSTOMER will allow for visual inspection of adjoining rooms. (Example: a room in the middle of the second floor is suspected of having an infestation: the inspector will check that room plus the rooms on either side plus the rooms over and under the suspected room. If additional infestations are discovered then the investigation must continue until a clean room is identified above and below, right and left of the infested room.) Every room/unit contracted and treated by THERMALRID will then be covered by the "90 Day Bed Bug Warranty"

Warranty is limited to one (1) retreatment and will only be performed after THERMALRID has been shown sufficient evidence of live bed bugs to support the need for retreatment (bites are not considered sufficient evidence) and Post Treatment Instructions have been followed. Warranty may also be voided under provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions and/or Preparation/Post Treatment Instructions for Bed Bug Heat Treatment or if there is any change of occupant or furnishings. Warranty begins on the date of first treatment.

Gentle Heat Is Generated To Draw Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding

As the room is slowly heated to 135-140 degrees, all pests including adults, nymphs, and eggs are destroyed wherever they are. They cannot hide from ThermalRid’s heat treatment.

There is a technician on site for the full treatment who actively sifts through your belongings to ensure all areas are exposed to heat. The home or building is monitored until all pests are dead, then the rooms are allowed to cool. Hotel rooms can immediately be put back in service with no waiting period. Apartments can be used immediately. All furniture and appliances can be used immediately, nothing has to be replaced.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

ThermalRid arrives at your home, office or place of business in Tennessee in an unmarked, discreet commercial vehicle. Next, our trained technicians place our equipment in your affected area

You Don’t Have To Move Out Of Your Home

If we treat your home for bed bugs, you can go back home immediately. None of your precious keepsakes and heirlooms are damaged. Nothing has to be discarded as a result of ThermalRid's treatment for killing bed bugs.