bed bug infestation

Step 1: Call ThermalRid immediately!  

If you have found bed bugs in your home or business, call us immediately! Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, laying 5-15 eggs per day, making it difficult for you as a consumer to manage. Allowing your home or business to go untreated by our professionals can prove to be costly, unsafe, and stressful for you. One phone call to ThermalRid will not only provide a team who understands your situation, but you will quickly receive a free consultation at your home or place of business to determine the severity of your case.

Step 2: What to expect from your bed bug removal consultation...

During your consultation, we will give you a bottom-line price for complete removal of bed bugs without endless add-on costs. You will find our one-day bed bug treatment is not only safe and powerful, but it’s cost-effective compared to the use of harmful chemicals and homemade remedies.

We won’t ask you to throw out your sentimental belongings, as it is not required for our specialized heat-treatment process.

Step 3: Prior to the ThermalRid technician’s arrival...

Since bed bugs migrate, please take these steps to ensure bed bugs are not transported to friends’ homes or local businesses.

  1. Place clothes in high-heat dryer to slow down reproduction.
  2. Get dressed in places away from common sleeping areas, and don’t walk into primarily infected areas prior to leaving your home.
  3. Your ThermalRid technician will provide you with a short list of preparation steps to ensure your heat treatment is administered most effectively.

We understand bed bugs are inconvenient, and it is our goal to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Traditional treatments of only chemical sprays will take 6-8 weeks assuming the bed bugs in your home have not developed resistance to the chemicals. Our bed bug treatment is completed in 7-8 hours. 

We guarantee a one-day heat-treatment method, which produces temperatures up to 135ºF-140ºF, above the required 122ºF to instantly kill a bed bug. The heat will penetrate furniture, get under baseboards, and between walls, and most importantly, our technician is on site the entire day making sure every area of your home is exposed to the heat.