Inspecting For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are mostly active at night, so doing a thorough search during sleeping hours may prove more helpful. Before starting the search, light the room as best as possible and have a flashlight handy. Young bed bugs can be as small as a grain of sand and appear opaque. The only way to see them is to watch closely for movement. Adult bugs are about the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny and are very easy to see.

Mattress Inspection

Start by gently removing the sheets, pillows, etc. and inspecting those items meticulously. Look for blood spots and feces as mentioned in Step 1. Once the bed is stripped, use the flashlight to begin searching the mattress. Pay attention to any voids/seams as bed bugs are commonly seen in these areas. Look for signs of feces, eggs, shell casings, etc. Once this is completed, gently remove the mattress off of the box spring and repeat the process on the other side. If no signs are found on the mattress after inspection, it is time to move on to the box spring.


Box Spring Inspection

Repeat the same process with the mattress inspection on the box spring. Using the flashlight, inspect the top, sides, etc. for signs of bed bugs, then gently remove the box spring from the bed frame and inspect the other side. Most box springs are open on the bottom, but if there is a fabric cover make sure to remove this and inspect the inside of the box spring as well. Once this is completed, move the box spring aside and inspect the bed frame.


Bed Frame Inspection

There are typically a lot of cracks/crevices on most bed frames, so taking your time and checking every area is crucial. Using the flashlight, start from one side of the bed frame and go around to the other checking all cracks and crevices. Once that is completed, check the inside of the bed frame. Step inside the bed frame where the box spring/mattress would be. Start on one side of the bed frame and using the flashlight, begin inspecting every crack and crevice of the bed frame looking for any signs until you get to the other side. Pay attention to any special areas, as all bed frames are different.


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