DIY bed bug inspection.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

One of the most common questions we get at ThermalRid is “How do I know if I have bed bugs?”

It can be difficult to determine that you in fact have bed bugs, because it can take one to three months for them to create a nest. Once they locate the food source (you!), they start to make their nest in that area.

Most customers will experience their first bites, but unknowingly believe they are from a mosquito or other pest. For some bed bug bite victims, the swelling, itching and welts are immediate, while others can take up to 10 days to show symptoms of a bite. Only one-third of people bitten by bed bugs have an allergic reaction.

When searching for bed bugs, it is important you do not disturb the areas in which the bed bugs might be hiding. Please read this page in its entirety before investigating.

Follow our step by step guide to search your home for bed bugs...