The Dangerous Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

ThermalRid knows that you can’t live with bed bugs. Our method for killing bed bugs in Middle Tennessee is very effective and stops the dangerous cycle of bed bug infestation.

Did you know that bed bugs hatch and grow to be reproductive adults in as little as 21 days?

It’s important to get the situation under control and kill bed bugs quickly.

After hatching, bed bugs mature through five nymph stages. Each nymph must feed on blood ( to mature to the next stage. While bed bugs can feed on other animals, they much prefer humans as their host.

Bed bugs can inhabit not only beds but also virtually any crack or crevice in any room. They are especially adept at hiding in the floor under wood moldings at the unseen edges of carpet, making it hard to kill bed bugs using traditional methods that require each bug makes contact with the treatment.


Even one surviving adult female bed bug can re-infest a room in 90-100 days.  Even if all the adults are killed, just a few eggs, can re-populate a room in 3-6 months.  

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All stages of bed bug nymphs and adults feed on human blood.

Bed bugs are very good at being mobile. Being as thin as a credit card, bed bugs can easily travel in luggage, clothes, shoes, purses, laptop computers, briefcases, etc. Anything a bed bug can crawl into, it will.

It is almost impossible to stay in an infested hotel room or home and not carry adult bed bugs or nymphs home with you. You would never know you are carrying the unwanted bed bug home to your family, and this is exactly how the bed bug epidemic has spread.


Stop the epidemic before it overtakes your home and your life.

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Do you have bed bugs?

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