Bed Bug FAQs

Important Answers to Your Bed Bug Questions

Q: I do not want anyone to know that I have bed bugs. Do you have trucks or uniforms saying “bed bugs” on them?

A: We understand people want to be discreet when dealing with bed bugs.

For your privacy, we arrive in an unmarked service truck with unmarked equipment. Our technicians are also wearing unmarked clothing and are trained to handle any situation where a neighbor, etc. would come up and ask what we are doing. Your privacy in dealing with this issue is of our utmost importance.


Q: I am only seeing bed bugs in one room in my home. Can I just treat that room and be done with the problem?

A: Unfortunately, almost every person dealing with bed bugs will have them for 1-3 months before they even know they have them.

Bed bugs can be spread throughout the home in a variety of ways {on clothing, pets, children, laundry, etc.}. So, although, you may just see them primarily in one room, it is possible bed bugs can be in other areas of the home. We always recommend treating the whole home because of this reason.

Q: Do I have to do a lot of preparation for this type of treatment?

A: We save you time and money.

ThermalRid does not require you to spend lengthy amounts of time preparing for our treatment. Unlike most companies, we do not ask you to throw everything away, wash and dry all of your current belongings, or tell you to buy new items. With our specialized heat treatment method, the heat will treat all of your belongings including clothes, couches, beds, mattresses, etc. When we inspect your home prior, we will review a brief preparation list with you to ensure a more effective treatment.

Q: What do bed bugs look like?

A: Bed bugs are small, flat and oval-shaped.

The earlier you identify bed bugs, the faster we can remove the bugs and save your belongings, furniture, and family from inconvenience and worry.

  • Bed bugs range in color from almost white, to light brown and reddish.
  • Young bed bugs, called nymphs, are lighter in color.
  • Because bed bugs feed on blood from humans or animals, they turn rusted red after feeding.
  • Adult bed bugs are usually 1/4 to 3/8 inch long.
  • Bed bugs, bed bug nymphs and bed bug eggs can be seen by the naked eye.
  • Here are pictures of bed bugs in their various life stages.

Do these photos of bed bugs look familiar to you?

Don’t wait, contact ThermalRid now to get your bed bug problem under control before it becomes worse.

If you are concerned you have bed bugs, send us a picture via our Contact Us form.

Q: How do you get bed bugs?

A: One question that we get everyday from our ThermalRid customers is – “How do you get bed bugs?”

There are many ways someone can get bed bugs, but here are the most common that we hear of in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas.

Hotel Stays

Hotels are one of the highest risk areas for acquiring bed bugs because there is such a high volume of people going in and out. It only takes one person with bed bugs to stay in a hotel room for it to get infested. Eventually, bed bugs will spread to other rooms in the hotel traveling through wall crevasses, outlets, and vents. When a new guest stays at that hotel in a bed bug infested room, they can pick the bed bugs up in their luggage very easily and they can be transferred home. Any businesses similar to a hotel are also at higher risk of having bed bugs including hospitals, college dorms, nursing homes and apartment buildings.


Bed Bugs from Used and Gifted Items

A very common way that people acquire bed bugs is from buying used items such as couches, chairs, mattresses, and wood furniture.

Many of our customers have purchased used items or were gifted items that unknowingly had bed bugs in them. As soon as items with bed bugs are brought into the home, the bed bug infestation begins.

All items that are purchased used, gifted, or acquired need to be thoroughly inspected before being brought into the home. If you are unfamiliar with what to look for when inspecting for bed bugs, please read – do you have bed bugs?


Moving into a Bed Bug Problem

A lot of new homeowners and renters are finding that they move into a place that already has a bed bug problem.

When you purchase or rent a home, apartment or building that was previously occupied there is always a chance that the home could have had a bed bug problem; often the previous owner either did not disclose the issue or the problem was not treated correctly. We hear this quite often.

When renting or buying a home it is always good practice to get the home thoroughly inspected for bed bugs prior to moving in. While in some cases, the infestation could be so light that even with an inspection the issue could not be found as the bed bugs could be hiding in the walls, light fixtures and carpet.


We do offer “preventative move in treatments” for homes in Middle Tennessee.  If you’ve had bed bugs in the past, we are happy to help treat your home or apartment prior to your arrival at your next residence.

Contact us if you suspect you have a bed bug issue, would like to know more about how bed bugs spread, or to learn about our effective method for killing bed bugs.

Q: What about heat sensitive items in the house.Won't they get damaged during the bed bug treatment?

A: Candles, plants, live animals, and medications need to be removed during the bed bug extermination.

Candles and medications can be put in the refrigerator. Live animals or plants need to be removed from the areas being treated for bed bugs. The way our bed bug extermination process works is that the house is brought up slowly to temperature over a long period of time. Electronics and furnishings will not be harmed by the process.

At 115-120 degrees, bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs are destroyed. We hold the treatment area at 135 degrees for three hours so that every nook and cranny where they can hide becomes a bed bug tomb! However, 135 degrees will not harm furniture, electronics, wallpaper, or your important belongings.

We will give you a pre-treatment list detailing exactly what to do with candles, plants, etc. so that you are prepared for the treatment before our technicians arrive. We arrive with our own power source for our electric heaters. When we leave, the bed bugs are gone.

Q: Will the ThermalRid bed bug treatment kill other infestation problems such as fleas, roaches, etc.?

A: Nothing can live in 120 degree heat.

All infestation problems are solved by ThermalRid's high-tech and effective approach to pest control in Tennessee.

Q: How long will the treatment take?

A: Treatment times will vary based on different situations {size of home, infestation level, etc.} but most treatments can be completed in 6-8 hours with customers being able to stay at home the same night.

Our treatment process may take longer than most companies, but it takes time to exterminate bed bugs the right way.  We must ensure that everything in the home gets to bed bug killing temperatures and every crack and crevice that bed bugs could be hiding gets addressed. We have seen bed bugs hide and get anywhere in the home, so being taking our time and being thorough is key. Since every home and situation is different, we would ultimately need to see the home and get more information to get exact treatment times.  

Q: Can I treat bed bugs myself and save money?

A: Do not attempt to treat bed bugs yourself.

Any attempt to use non-approved equipment to accomplish this level of heat is dangerous and potentially deadly. Due to the extremely high temperatures and the risk associated with carbon monoxide, this is dangerous. There is a very high likelihood someone or something will suffer the consequences.

ThermalRid uses only trained technicians using patented, UL approved equipment, specifically designed for the treatment of bed bugs in the Nashville area.

Q: How long will I have to be out of our home during the bed bug treatment?

A: Our treatments can be completed while you are at work.

The house should cool off fast enough for you to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest in your bed bug free home.

Q: How long will my hotel room/apartment be out of service?

A: This process can be completed within one day.

Hotel rooms and apartments can be put back into service immediately with no residual chemical smells. Your guests would never know the facility had been treated for bed bugs.

Q: How much does bed bug heat treatment cost?

A: Each bed bug extermination job is different and requires an on-site estimate.

Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home or business. The cost is going to be primarily dependent upon severity of the infestation, size of the home, amount of items we will need to move and treat, and how easily construction materials can bring your space up to lethal temperatures.

Having said that, most customers find our prices to be comparable to the costs of our competitors who repeatedly apply unhealthy pesticides.

Q: What can I take with me when I leave my home?

A: Nothing!

Do not pack a suitcase. That may be how the bed bugs got into your home to begin with.

Do not take a briefcase with a laptop computer. Bed bugs are known to love electronics because of the heat transmitted from them. To take a purse, briefcase, or overnight bag could reinfect your home with bed bugs when your return. You should dress in freshly washed and dried clothes and leave everything else so we can heat treat it and effectively kill bed bugs in your home.