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Bed Bug Extermination

Are you tired of DIY bed bug treatments not working? Have chemicals been sprayed over and over, but you just don’t seem to be getting relief? That’s because bed bugs are one of the most difficult bugs to get rid of, and unless you’re professionally trained, bed bugs will be an ongoing issue. ThermalRid has specialized in bed bug treatments for over nine years. Our most popular and highly recommended treatment is the bed bug heat treatment.

One-Day Bed Bug Heat Treatment

No other company in the Middle Tennessee Area offers the heat treatment ThermalRid offers with the bed bug specific equipment they use or the expertise they have. It’s a specialized process in which the team is specifically trained and most successful for treating bed bugs. ThermalRid brings Thermal Remediation heaters and separate fans to continuously rotate the heat, turning your home into what’s like a giant convection oven or dryer. What makes a heat treatment successful isn’t just the heat, but the technicians who actively flip through your furniture, bedding, clothing, and belongings to ensure everything in the home or business is exposed to the high-heat temperatures. If your items don’t move, bed bugs can crawl between belongings and survive in cold spots. The technicians know the areas bed bugs hide and what signs to look for to ensure each area is treated properly and effectively.

Please contact the experts at ThermalRid and get rid of bed bugs for good. You’ll be glad you called and had your home treated professionally and properly.



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