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How do bed bugs get in the house?

We love to hear stories of families and friends gathering together for the holidays, but we don’t always love to hear what happens when they leave. What do you do when those you love accidentally leave you with bed bugs?

Just like your family traveling, bed bugs travel, too. Bed bugs are small insects ranging in size of a pin-head up to the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny, so it’s easy for them to travel undetected. Bed bugs are known as “hitchhikers,” and they move from place to place primarily on luggage or on people.

What do you do if you have bed bugs?

You or your family may have started experiencing red bites from the bed bugs or you may have found a bug on your body, mattress, or clothes. If this is you, call a bed bug exterminator immediately. If you haven’t seen a bed bug, but are experiencing bites, please take a moment to look for other signs you have bed bugs, such as check the seams of your mattress for moving bugs or black specs (feces).

Until a treatment is available, here are some bed bug tips you can follow:

  • Keep any disturbance of a bed bug nest to a minimum. Disturbing the nest could result in spreading the bed bugs.
  • Do not move bed sheets, clothing, items from that room to other rooms of the house. You run the risk of spreading the bugs to other areas.
  • Vacuum the floors of the room and other rooms of the house until professional treatment is available.
  • Before putting on clothes in the morning, put them in the dryer on high-heat for at least 40 minutes. Heat is the most effective method for killing bed bugs.
  • Before leaving the house, check purses, backpacks, laptop bags, and other carry items for bugs. If applicable, you may place them in the dryer as a precautionary measure.
  • Under no circumstances should you try to “burn” bed bugs.

Bed bugs are very common. And can be very costly, especially as they multiply daily. They are not the result of a cleanliness issue, but instead can affect anyone and everyone. Please make sure to eliminate any spreading of the bugs, for example to classrooms, entertainment venues, hotels, and especially your family and friends’ homes.

Heat is the most effective method for killing bed bugs. Heat-treatment exterminators will have the necessary equipment to treat your home properly.

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