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Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can cause physical harm and extreme psychological trauma to their victims. Some experience anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, and even embarrassment with co-workers, family, and friends. 

A good friend of mine had bedbugs – she was horrified – ashamed.  She assumed bedbugs only affected people who were dirty.  Isn’t that right?  Doesn’t that mean she lives in filth?

No. In fact, anyone can get bed bugs. It’s just no one wants to talk about them… and because no one wants to talk about them, they continue to spread.

My friend has a super clean house – no clutter, always sparkling.  She has nothing to be ashamed of and no reason to think they would invade her home, but bed bugs are more common than you think.

Some people even say bed bugs are the STD of pest control.

Bed Bugs Don't Discriminate

You might say Bed bugs are equal opportunity deployers! They don’t care about color, wealth, gender, or age.  Just ask folks at the college dorms of the University of Illinois, the residents in one of Los Angeles’ largest apartment complexes, movie theaters, department stores, railway companies, airlines, and the list goes on…

UIC Investigating Bed Bugs in Dorm

Park La Brea Apartments loses $3.5-million lawsuit

Bed bugs have been around as long as there have been insects.  Grandma lived with them – but along came pesticides, and the war started. The initial pesticides were strong, so strong that some were banned due to health concerns. Therefore, chemicals were diluted and bed bugs became more resilient to chemical sprays. They were adapting to the very pesticides being created to kill them.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Over the past decade, we have seen bed bug infestations increase dramatically. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, and as access to travel increases around the world, travelers are picking them up and sharing them everywhere they go. Bed bugs will find a ride to your house in luggage, thrift store items, borrowed things… any way to get to a new set of hosts. 

Once the pests set up camp – they make themselves at home. Because chemicals are weaker than 60 years ago, and the bugs stronger, they are harder to get rid of. This makes using chemicals a lengthy process lasting up to 6 weeks and a costly endeavor. With chemical treatment, you may have to throw away expensive mattresses, rugs, chairs, and even clothes. You want them gone NOW… and we have a great solution for you. Eradicate bed bugs quickly by using heat treatments!

Chemical-free. One-day treatment. Goodbye, bed bugs.

We use the Temp-Air Heat Remediation System® and heat your home or place of business to a minimum of 135 degrees. Bed bugs die immediately at 122 degrees, but we set the heat higher and for several hours in one day’s time.

See more great information about using heat to kill bed bugs.

With heat, bed bugs die within minutes, eggs are dehydrated. They are NEUTRALIZED!

Bed bugs don't have to ruin your life. We can help. Contact ThermalRid, Nashville’s bed bug specialists, for pricing and the warranty policy. The sooner you contact us, the sooner your problem goes away.  

Don’t be ASHAMED – it can happen to ANYONE!

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