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Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from School

ThermalRid Blog: Avoid Hitchhiking Bed Bugs

Beware of “hitchhiking” Bed Bugs!

You’ve bought all the school supplies, you’ve secured lunch-time foods, and you’ve sent the kids to their classrooms for their first day. With so much going on, it’s impossible to take the time to research how bed bugs could end up coming back home with your children from school or daycare. That’s why we’re here to help!

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My Family Left, But Their Baggage Didn’t!

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How do bed bugs get in the house?

We love to hear stories of families and friends gathering together for the holidays, but we don’t always love to hear what happens when they leave. What do you do when those you love accidentally leave you with bed bugs?

Just like your family traveling, bed bugs travel, too. Bed bugs are small insects ranging in size of a pin-head up to the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny, so it’s easy for them to travel undetected. Bed bugs are known as “hitchhikers,” and they move from place to place primarily on luggage or on people.

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