ThermalRid provides Bed Bug expertise to conventional pest control companies.

Call In The Bed Bug Specialists

Year after year, surveys of pest control companies rank bed bugs as the hardest pest for an exterminator to eliminate.  At ThermalRid, we did not start this business because we thought it would be easy, we started this business because we knew people needed a specialist to take care of their worst fear coming true.

The mission of ThermalRid is simple.  Use the most effective method available and take care of the job on the first visit.  Heat has without a doubt become the most effective treatment to kill bed bugs.  

We understand the typical insect pest control company needs a truck, a spray bottle, a few gallons of chemicals and a brave technician. The problem for most pest control companies is the cost of adding heat treatment to their arsenal.   The typical cost to start a traditional pest control company is approximately $20,000.  ThermalRid brings well over $100,000 worth of equipment to each and every job.  The extra cost alone prevents most exterminators from using heat against bed bugs.

Another important distinction of traditional pest control companies and ThermalRid is how our business model works.  Chemical companies make money by selling annual services and creating a route to spray residual chemicals outdoors in order to create a barrier insects cannot cross.  ThermalRid is only looking to come to a home once and we are interested in educating clients how to make sure we never have to be called back to a home.

A danger chemical-only companies face when fighting bed bugs is the evolution of bed bugs. Most residual methods have lost effectiveness as the exoskeleton of bed bugs has grown thicker.  The repeat visits drive bed bugs deeper into hiding, leaving only the strongest bugs to reproduce and come back with a vengeance.  When the chemicals don’t work, clients become frustrated and will inevitably fire the current chemical company and find someone that can fix the problem.  That jeopardizes other company’s model of repeat business.

Enter the ThermalRid solution.  It is not our business to take your business.  We will work with any pest control company to implement an Integrated Pest Management Plan involving heat.  We can coordinate our visit so you can spray residual chemicals on the baseboards, around furniture and on outlets and we will come in and cook every last bug in the house (not just bed bugs).  When you work with ThermalRid, an inbound bed bug call will change from a worry about losing a customer into a great experience that allows you to sell one and done service versus a 6-8 week treatment plan that may not work and lead to extra work and frustration for your valued clients.

If you would like to partner with ThermalRid, please contact us and we would be happy to share with you how we can increase client loyalty, satisfaction and referrals.