ThermalRid offers bed bug eradication for comm


Having bed bugs at your hotel can be very frustrating and can affect business. Every day the room is not being used is money lost. With our 1-day treatment, the hotel can be rented out the same night as treatment. We use only clean hot air with no harsh chemicals. The preparation is very light as most all hotels do not have a lot of belongings in them. Discreteness is also key, as you do not want your guests to know that there is a bed bug issue present at the establishment. We arrive in unmarked trucks and our technicians wear normal clothing so no one will know what we are doing. We take every precaution to ensure privacy for all businesses. We guarantee our work to ensure that the problem is eradicated and you can get back to business.

Group Homes/Housing — Elderly, Recovery, Veteran, Colleges

Any situation where there is a lot of people living or staying increases the chances of getting bed bugs in these homes. With our 1-day treatment, we can get the tenants back in their homes the same day as treatment with minimal preparation. After the initial inspection, we go over with the tenants and homeowner in detail what would need to be done in preparation for the treatment. Most importantly, we try to figure out how the infestation started so we can educate the tenants to try to prevent the issue from coming back in the home.