ThermalRid provides the most effective residential treatment for bed bug extermination.

Ninja Invaders

Most families have never seen and in many cases never even heard of bed bugs until they have them. Bed bugs are stealthy. They are nocturnal, hiding by day and feeding at night — on you! 

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They often get brought into the home accidentally through luggage, used items, and various other ways. No one is ever really prepared for bed bugs, but we are here to tell you that the problem can be taken care of in one day. With our specialized heat treating process, we can take care of the problem and get you and your family back in the home quickly with minimal preparation.

Unlike most companies, we do not have you move things around, wash and dry everything, or even throw your valuables away.

Our process is also all natural, clean hot air so no worries of harsh chemicals or smells that may linger in the home for weeks. We want to get you back to normal life in one treatment!