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We are the most experienced thermal remediation company in the area and can help you get rid of bed bugs.

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The ThermalRid Method

Yes, its been called the biggest pest problem of our generation. Pesticides are dangerous and don’t work well, so what do you do when bedbugs invade your home or business?

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The ThermalRid method is guaranteed to draw bed bugs out of their hiding places and kill all the adults, nymphs, and eggs. And ThermalRid method completely avoids the serious health risks of using chemicals by using heat to kill and exterminate your bed bug problem in Nashville, and the rest of Tennessee and Alabama.

Compare ThermalRid’s method of exterminating bed bugs to the traditional use of pesticides and chemicals:

ThermalRid Method Pesticides 
  • 100% effective kill rate.
  • Limited effectiveness, problem gets worse.
  • No odors.
  • Strong, harsh, chemical odors.
  • No residual chemicals in your home.
  • Residual risks to your family and pets.
  • Save your furniture, bed and belongings.
  • Bed, carpet, and your belongings are trashed.
  • Cost effective and affordable. No add-on costs.
  • On-going costs. Repeated applications.
  • Results guaranteed!
  • Not likely!

Your privacy is our priority.
ThermalRid arrives at your home, office or place of business in Tennessee or Alabama in an unmarked, discreet commercial vehicle. Next, our trained technicians place our equipment in your affected area.

Gentle heat is generated to draw bed bugs out of hiding.
As the room is slowly heated to 135 degrees, all pests including adults, nymphs, and eggs are destroyed wherever they are. They cannot hide from ThermalRid.

The room is remotely monitored until all pests are dead, then the room is allowed to cool. Hotel rooms can immediately be put back in service with no waiting period. Apartments can be used immediately. All furniture and appliances can be used immediately, nothing has to be replaced.

You don’t have to move out of your home.
If we treat your home for bed bugs, you can go back home immediately. None of your precious keepsakes and heirlooms are damaged. Nothing has to be discarded using ThermalRid’s method for killing bed bugs.

And best of all, we 100% guarantee to destroy and kill the bed bugs the first time. You and your guests can sleep peacefully knowing you will not be bitten by bed bugs again.

The treatment only takes from 7-8 hours and your rooms can be safely occupied again.

Learn more about exterminating and killing bed bugs using the ThermalRid method:

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