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We are the most experienced thermal remediation company in the area and can help you get rid of bed bugs.

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What can I take with me when I leave my home?

Nothing! Do not pack a suitcase. That may be how the bedbugs got into your home to begin with.

Do not take a briefcase with a laptop computer. Bedbugs are known to love electronics. To take a purse, briefcase, or overnight bag could reinfect your home with bed bugs when your return. You should dress in freshly washed and dried clothes and leave everything else so we can heat treat it and effectively kill bed bugs in your Nashville home.

How much does bed bug heat treatment cost?

Each bed bug extermination job in Tennessee and Alabama is different and requires an on-site estimate.

It is best for us to see the severity of your bed bug problem so we can effectively solve the problem. However, most customers find our prices to be comparable to the costs of our competitors who repeatedly apply unhealthy pesticides. Read more

How long will my hotel room/apartment be out of service?

Only as long as the bed bug treatment itself takes which is usually a maximum of 8 hours from setting up to packing out.

Hotel rooms and apartments can be put back into service immediately with no residual chemical smells. Your guests would never know the facility had been treated for bed bugs.

How long will I have to be out of our home during the bed bug treatment?

Usually no more than 8 hours.

Can I treat bed bugs myself and save money?

Do not attempt to treat bed bugs yourself.

Any attempt to use non-approved equipment to accomplish this level of heat is dangerous and potentially deadly. Due to the extremely high temperatures and the risk associated with carbon monoxide, this is dangerous. There is a very high likelihood someone or something will get hurt.

ThermalRid uses only trained technicians using patented, UL approved equipment, specifically designed for the treatment of bed bugs in the Nashville area.

Will the ThermalRid bed bug treatment kill other infestation problems such as fleas, roaches, etc.?

Nothing can live in 120 degree heat. All infestation problems are solved by ThermalRid's high-tech and effective approach to pest control in Tennessee and Alabama.

What about heat sensitive items in the house. Candles, plants, etc.? Won't they get damaged during the bed bug treatment?

Candles, plants, live animals, and medications need to be moved during the bed bug extermination in your Nashville home. Candles and medications can be put in the refrigerator. Live animals or plants need to be removed from the areas being treated for bed bugs. The way our Nashville bed bug extermination process works is that the house is brought up slowly to temperature over a long period of time. Electronics and furnishings will not be harmed by the process.

At 115-120 degrees, bedbugs, nymphs, and eggs are destroyed. We hold the treatment area at 135 degrees for three hours so that every nook and cranny where they can hide becomes a bed bug tomb! However, 135 degrees will not harm furniture, electronics, wallpaper, or your precious belongings.

We will give you a pre-treatment list detailing exactly what to do with candles, plants, etc.  so that you are prepared for the treatment before our technicians arrive. We arrive with our own power source for our gentle, controllable electric heaters. When we leave, the bed bugs are gone.