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ThermalRid — Nashville TN's bed bug readication specialists

Established in 2010 as the first bed bug specialty company in Tennessee, we here at ThermalRid strive to help our customers deal with this terrible dilemma once and for all. Whether it is a residential home or a hotel, we want to make sure the problem is taken care of the first time discretely and professionally. Our friendly office staff and our trained technicians will be with you every step of the way to make sure you can get back to the day to day basics as quickly as possible without having to deal with bed bugs.

“Our house smelled awful from the pesticides. The treatments did no good. Our home had been sprayed and dusted over a dozen times. The bed bugs were still biting my children. ThermalRid’s treatment worked the very first time.”

– Cindy from Decatur, Alabama

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“Another company told us the solution to our bed bug problem was steam and pesticides. That was two years ago. They sprayed 13 times. Every time there was something new for us to pay. The bed bugs got worse and worse. ThermalRid took care of our problem in one day.”

– Claire from White House, Tennessee


“I wish I’d found ThermalRid first. Another company used chemicals. It didn’t work. We thought the bed bugs were gone but two months later they were back. ThermalRid got ‘em the first time.”

– Arnold from Madison, Tennessee

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“Between pesticide and steam treatments that didn’t work and being told to throw things away by another company, I had spent over $10,000 and I still had bed bugs. Then I found ThermalRid.”

– Steve from Jackson, Mississippi