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Nashville Bed Bug Removal and Extermination

ThermalRid is the most experienced Nashville bed bug heat treatment and bed bug removal company serving Tennessee and Alabama.

78% of our customers had spent thousands with ineffective, unsafe old-school methods, before we got rid of their bed bugs.

We’ll give you a complete bottom line price for bed bug removal and treatment without endless add-on costs. No low initial prices that keep going up and up with each failed treatment. 

Don’t wait another day, contact us now about our 1-day, chemical-free, 100% effective solution for killing and exterminating bed bugs in Tennessee and Alabama. 

“I wish I’d found ThermalRid first. _________ (another company) used chemicals. It didn’t work. We thought the bugs were gone but two months later they were back. ThermalRid got ‘em the first time.”

Arnold, Madison, Tn.

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“Between pesticide and steam treatments that didn't work and being told to throw things away by ________ (another company) , I had spent over $10,000 and I still had bed bugs. Then I found ThermalRid.”

Steve, Jackson, Ms.

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“_________ (another company) told us the solution was steam and pesticides. That was two years ago. They sprayed 13 times. Every time there was something new for us to pay. The bugs got worse and worse. ThermalRid took care of our problem in one day.”

Claire, White House, Tn.

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“Our house smelled awful. The treatments by ________ (another company) did no good. Our home had been sprayed and dusted over a dozen times. The bugs were still biting my children. ThermalRid worked in one time.”

Cindy, Decatur, Al.

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“_____ __________ (another company) said they used whole-house heat treatment and that it would be only $500. When the salesman got to the house he said we really only needed steam and pesticides. And it was a lot higher than what they told me on the phone. He said whole-house heat treatment was only a last resort. I would recommend ThermalRid. They gave me the complete cost, up-front, and our bed bugs were gone in one day. We can sleep again.”

Theo, Franklin, Tn.

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Stop the bed bug invasion, ThermalRid can help. 

  • ThermalRid kills all bed bugs, nymphs and eggs with the very first treatment.
  • ThermalRid saves all your expensive furniture and possessions.
  • ThermalRid Heat Treatment is cost-effective.
  • ThermalRid uses no pesticides.

Bedbugs are a very frustrating problem that can take over your home and your life. Bed bugs are hard to get under control and even harder to eliminate for good, unless you partner with a professional bed bug extermination company.

ThermalRid is the most-experienced Nashville bed bug heat treatment and bed bug removal company. We help those with bed bug problems in Alabama and Tennessee kill bed bugs from their beds, furniture, and home.

Most traditional bedbug treatments use pesticides and harmful chemicals that are dangerous for your family and furniture; even then there is no guarantee that your bed bug problem is under control. Homemade bed bug remedies just don’t work, and can often make the problem worse as bed bugs quickly reproduce

Save money, time and worry, contact ThermalRid today about a 1-day bed bug heat treatment that is safe, powerful and cost-effective.

Our 1-day treatment is guaranteed to control, exterminate and eradicate any bed bug problems you have without harsh chemicals that can harm your family.

By utilizing thermal remediation heat to draw bugs out of hiding places including bed stands and furniture, ThermalRid eradicates your bedbug problem by increasing the treated space to a temperature where bedbugs cannot survive.

One thermal remediation treatment for bed bugs in Nashville usually takes between 7 – 8 hours, after which the room is bed bug free and can be occupied again.

Don’t deal with bed bugs for another day, you can be bed bug free tomorrow.

This powerful and unique thermal remediation heat approach to helping you control and eliminate bedbugs in the Nashville, Tennessee and Alabama areas is 100% guaranteed. After just one treatment, bugs in beds and scattered bedbugs around your home or office will be exterminated.

Don’t be a victim of bed bugs for one more day. ThermalRid’s bedbug removal and extermination process is a safe and affordable way for people in Alabama and Tennessee to eliminate and kill bedbugs in their home and their life.  

Contact ThermalRid now.